Friday, October 22, 2010

To my feet; you're welcome

Dear Feet,

I hope you are really pleased with me at least, because I am not so pleased with myself. Instead of running you to the bone tomorrow, I have opted out of the 1/2 marathon. You are welcome for keeping you from prune-looking, blistery, water- soaked madness.

See here is the thing. In the last month, you and I haven't done much running. I've been busy, you've been busy trying to keep up with me, and as we both know, we needed our sleep. You and I have visited about 10 houses, and you have done a great job checking the floors for cracks, scratches, etc. So maybe this is somewhat of a thank you.

I feel pretty bad about it letting myself down and all, but better to be safe I suppose.

I only ask one thing from you. How about we hit up the roads again soon? Maybe try to make it a regular occurrence once again?

Thanks for always being there for me, you really hold me up when I need it.


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