Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Holly and Alan Hoping to Adopt

Hello Blog World:

Please take the time to check out Holly and Al's website as they are an amazing couple that are hoping to adopt! Send to friends and family or anyone you know!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Lack of Everythingosis

I have been plagued. The disease: Lack of Everythingosis.

I have not been a creative blogger for a few months, I haven't even blogged at all. And as a matter of fact, I can't actually say I've had anything funny or random to say.

This long Minnesota winter and this rainy "spring" have not encouraged anything creative and funny from me either.

I can't really pin-point the onset of this "lack of everythingosis" as I do work 2 jobs --1 full-time another part-time and go to school--all of which I have brought upon myself invitingly and willingly. For me--the more busy the more productive.

I have copious amounts of "treatments" and "medications" for this illness, some of which include buying our first house, being super close to finishing my Registered Nursing degree, spending time with family, the hopes of having a garden (and at least keeping one thing alive), and celebrating births and engagements with friends (always amazing and exciting).

My lack of everythingosis however, is over taking my sense of who I am, or mostly who I thought I was, and making me re-think some paths I have chosen in my life. I truly believe in things happening for a reason, and without some of these "paths" I am rethinking, I maybe would not have met my prince charming, or shared some of my greatest memories with amazing friends. And as much as I can rationalize these great outcomes I have received for my "path" choice, I have been miserable for the last 6 months for 40 hours each week.

I have somehow managed to let myself destroy values of which I held highly and enveloped myself in drama that I, by any means, do not need.

The cure at this time is unknown. A positive attitude and outlook seem a good antidote, however one can only be broken down so much before not even these can be helpful.

I suppose the incubation period for this is my fault. I don't actually suppose, I know it is my fault. You(me), are the only person that can be responsible for your happiness and how you are treated. But how do I reverse this "disease"now? Why can't it work itself out on it's own!!!

As I said, the cure at this time is still unknown. Many different "paths" are being thrown around and one of which I am praying for daily.

So not very creative and not funny, I end this post with hopes and prayers for a cure....(sigh)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Done "sucking it up!"

I can't help but want spring to arrive.

I'm not certain if its the 2 feet of snow accumulating on our already shoveled ground or the tease of warmth and green grass we received last week. Either way, please spring, will you hurry up?

I realize I live in Minnesota, so as some say, "suck it up!"--But really how long must this sucking it up thing have to last? I've already "sucked up" -40 degree weather, I've already "sucked up" drifted roads with sneaky underlying ice skating rinks, and darn it, I've already "sucked up" almost 4 months of winter.....So AGAIN---when will the "sucking it up" STOP!?!?!

I am dreading my fearful drive home---white knuckles, squinty eyes and all.... The semi's and other larger vehicles cruising by me with there 4 wheel drive...and me in my little blue speck chugging away and praying to God I make it home.....

If you see me in the ditch on 169---please stop. I do have a little survival kit that my mother makes me keep in my car, I think the snickers bar is over 2 years old, and I'm not sure if I have a lighter to ignite the candle....But not to worry, I most definitely will not starve to death. ...


Today, I'm not so pleased to have a window view....I think I'm in a snow globe that some little kid hopped up on sugar shook crazy...

All I would like to do is crawl up on our couch with my boyfriend, OUR two cats..(he calls them mine, HA, didn't he know as soon as we moved in together that was a natural adoption!) and my snuggie that I received for Christmas.

(slap to face)--Reality check....I must have been dreaming, instead...I will work until 4pm, drive home and hopefully not die, and then work again until 9:30 pm...I need to do the dishes too...


Mother Nature-- enough already...I'm done "sucking it up!"

Monday, January 31, 2011

100 lbs and counting........

It isn't everyday that one can say they have had enough motivation to lose 100 pounds. Let alone do it in a year! As any of us that have struggled with weight know, losing 5 lbs is hard, but 100!!?!?

Molly has been a family friend for, well, forever..And I could not be more proud! For some of you that follow this blog regularly you may remember the story of her older brother Zach and his huge weight loss success as well! And as matter of fact, Zach and Molly's mom has lost a ton of weight as well! Way to go guys!

So for congratulatory and inspiratory purposes I asked Molly a few questions!

1) Why did you start losing weight? Was there a breaking point?

I don’t think I really had a breaking point. It just kind of happened. I had been struggling to find jeans big enough to fit me and one of my roommates decided to lose some weight. Having someone to do it with was mostly what made me decide to do it. That and I was just sick of everything being so much harder than it needed to be. That friend never really got very far with the weight loss thing, but other people in my life have, which helps keep me motivated. So do the select handful of friends that know about it, my family, and my friends who are on weight watchers.

2.) What are you doing to lose?

I’ve been an online weight watchers member since the end of February 2010. A combination of following weight watchers and eating healthier all around, also I try to exercise more than I had been.

3.) What has changed the most?

Finding clothes has gotten a little easier, although I’m still just a little bit too big to be able to go into any store and find something, I’m close. I also feel better. I used to eat a lot of fast food and it left my body feeling crummy. Now I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, which just make me feel better and cleaner. I’ve also noticed that I know longer take up the entire chair at school, there’s a little wiggle room now. Things haven’t changed a lot, yet, but I’m at that point where changes are going to start becoming more apparent.

4.) What are you looking forward to the most with the NEW you?

I’m still a long ways from where I need to be. But I’ve made good progress in getting there. I think I was in denial about how big I really was, when I look at pictures now I see it. I really look forward to eventually being able to shop in a “normal” store (not a store that specializes in plus sizes). I’m excited to have a visible collar bone. And as stupid as it sounds I’m excited to be able to cross my legs when sitting without it being uncomfortable (I’m almost there now), it just looks so much nicer than my regular slouchy position.

5.) Advice for those maybe stuck in a rut, or what kept you going?

What keeps me going is how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go. I haven’t set an official goal weight, because it’s still about 100 pounds away, even though I’ve lost 100. Sometimes it’s kind of discouraging that I’ve lost this much and am still this big, but going from a size 28 to a 18 and 20 proves that I’ve come a long way. One thing I think that has helped is not depriving myself. Some people give up all the foods they love in order to lose weight. I still splurge sometimes, if I REALLY want taco bell every once in a while, I have it. If I have a friend visiting from home, I’m going to eat like a “normal” person, just less than I used to. It’s just about moderation and portion control. It’s too hard to eat nothing but foods that are healthy all the time, and it’s so not realistic. I’m only 21; I’m not going to never eat Chinese, pizza, or a cheeseburger again! However, I have found what my “trigger foods” are (those that I cannot just have one serving of). So I’ve learned to just steer clear of them unless I know I’m sharing, sometimes it’s easier to have none than just a little.


Wow. I think Molly deserves a round of applause! clapping..clapping...clapping....:)

Keep up the great work Molly!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oneida Culinaria Review

As the marketing statement clearly states from Oneida, I've now brought life to the table as well. We did in fact purchase a new table, when we purchased our first home just recently, but I'm talking about the accessories to go with our new table.

Oneida was gracious enough to let me try out some of their products which also led me to purchase some of their silverware as well...and lets just say, since I am the dishwasher, I thoroughly enjoy these products. I have also managed to drop, smack, and slam these products--with no worries!

I am most definitely an avid coffee drinker and I love these mugs that came along with my Culinaria 16 piece set in Cocoa. They are smooth and sleek, and although most likely in my mis-matched PJ's, at least my coffee cup is stylish!

The solid color pattern is great and it has long wearing durability. And very easy handling. One great thing about choosing a color like this is you can mix and match and that is one of the cool things about Culinaria's colors--its just for that reason!

I haven't quite decided if my 16 piece set will stay in the cupboard or be displayed in our built in buffet cabinets that are quite lonely at this time.
I love these dishes, and they are easy to wash as well. They are dishwasher and microwave safe!
Check out Oneida Culinaria today and see for yourself! And they are having a sale right now!! Even better!

Children's Advil Contest

Hey Readers!

As the cold and flu season is upon us, Angie Harmon, has teamed up with the makers of Children's Advil to launch, " Relieve My Fever"--a contest that invites parents and their kids to sing the Children's Advil rendition of the classic song "Fever" for a chance to win $15,000!! The kid-friendly version of the song tells the story of mommy fighting her little one's fever and making her child feel better.

Also, for EVERY entry and vote at, Children's Advil will donate money to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

This time of year parents often need to treat their child's cold and flu symptoms, and many times those symptoms include fever. In fact, a recent survey of doctors showed that fever is the #1 reasons parents call their child's pediatricians office. The good news is that nothing reduces fever faster or keeps it down longer than Children's Advil. Children's Advil is offering parents a fun way to tap into families' creative energy and spend some quality time together while supporting a worthy children's cause!

To Enter:
Parents can visit to find easy-to-follow instructions, lyrics, music and a sample video that will help them create and submit their own little superstar's video performance!

As a part of the contest, the makers of Children's Advil will donate $5 for every entry submitted and $1 for every vote cast to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

These donations are used to provide charitable care, purchase life-saving equipment, and fund research and education programs that save and improve the lives of millions of kids each year!

How awesome to do something like this, even if its just voting for the video's already existing!

If you and your family post a video, share it with me on Facebook too, and I will also feature you on my blog as well as share with other bloggers!

Good Luck!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home

After much anticipation, it is finally ours! We have been busy updating the bathroom, painting, painting, and more painting! We are all moved in and our furniture arrived yesterday!
Many thanks to family and friends! The updating the house process has flown by and we could not have done it without them!
So now to the decorating and getting organized ( I heard this takes years!!)