Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Caught on Camera

Oh my. Saturday.

Saturday I/we partook in a lovely couple's bachelorette/bachelor party...

Saturday I/we drank beer.

Saturday I/we drank tequila.

Saturday I/we drank tootsie pop shots.

Saturday Boones farm was poured into my mouth.
Saturday I/we ate cheesy turkey sandwhich after cheesy turkey sandwhich, with whole pickles.

Saturday I danced on a cooler.

Saturday I fell off a cooler.. (no pictures to be displayed..)

Saturday I/we played tippy cup.

Saturday I/we sprawled across a big white stuffed ape...

Saturday THEY ate the groom-to-be's underwear...

Saturday created amazing memories with some of my favorite people (thank god for cameras!)


Sunday I had a heart to heart with 2 friends, one of them being while I was in the shower...(Thank God for NO pictures!)

Sunday I/we were up until 5ish...the time is still unknown.

Sunday I took 2 naps.

Sunday I/we found bruises.

Sunday I/we had headaches...

Sunday I/we had hickeys...........

The wedding is going to be AMAZING! October 30,2010

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