Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cafe World

2 days ago, embarrassingly, I was talked into starting Cafe World on facebook.

(I know, I'm a sucker for peer pressure.)

My lovely co-workers were the instigators in this new obsession I have acquired. Ironically, I have been teasing them about the game for weeks.

I now must confess, this may be comparable to my "obsession" for Bella and Edward.

(Don't worry Bella and Edward, I'm more obsessed with you then I will ever be with Cafe World, I'm just saying its comparable.)

Cafe World is alot more work than one would think. I mean you have to make sure that you have enough stoves to cook on, enough counters to serve, enough tables and chairs for your food to be consumed, and then of course making sure that your food doesn't spoil!

You can add neighbors and go visit their kitchens. (which get you coins because you get to try their food) You can create dishes that would more than likely be quite difficult to make in the real world. Currently I have 2 White Radish Cakes on my stove, they take 1 whole day to cook! ah jeepers, the stress of Cafe World.

I am also working on a wedding cake for someone, apparently it gets me cafe cash, so if you can help me bake it please do. ( yes, you can help eachother with these products. )

Oh this seems very silly, but just try it and you too may become addicted!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Call me MP

I should almost consider myself Mary Poppins. No I do not have a spoonful of sugar (although that sounds kinda good), I cannot snap my fingers and my house doesn't pick itself up nor can I slide down a banister without falling. I can however almost pull a lamp out of my purse/suitcase/large bag/bottomless pit.

Recently I switched purses, if you are like me, this is something of a task. I mean really, where did I get all of this stuff?!?! I'm like the crazy hoarder lady, my life story can be told through the contents of my black hole.

I have receipts from like a year ago, lip glosses, movie tickets, old gift certificates, loose change, mail, old gum, mints, batteries, tampons, sticky notes, grocery lists, pens, contacts, glasses and I did find a random key. (not quite sure what it opens?!?!) Of course there at times are much larger items. Sometimes bottles of water, pop, magazines, my camera, lotion- you need a place to put something while we are out and about, I'll find room.

I neatly retrieved each item, recalling the memory and placing it on my kitchen table. It was at this time that I flashed back to Mary Poppins pulling out the large lamp that lit up the corner of the room.

Am I really comparing an aspect of my life to one of a disney fictional character?

Yep sure am.

You should probably just start calling me MP.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I promised once, in a previous posting, to invent an IV drip of coffee...I write to you today to inform you that the hot coffee would burn your veins and most likely lead to your death, resulting in the non invention of this, what I thought would be, a most wonderful device.

Why don't you just cool it you may ask? And I would present you with this...Would you warm your delicious mouth watering Mich light? Absolutely not.

Now awesomely enough in our American culture we have many options to retrieve this wonderful brewed drink prepared from the little roasted seeds of the coffee plant. And oh how there are so many ways to have this tasty energy filled beverage. Many in which I can not pronounce or slightly mumble out..Normally the "barista" (coffee-house server) understands what I mean... Like I'm sure I'm not the only one that cannot pronouce, *cafe breve.

There are lattes, flat whites, chilled or blended (which include milk and some sort of sugar), americanos, cappuccinos, espressos, espresso macchiato, espresso con pana, and mochas.

Overwhelmed? Welcome to the world of fancy coffee drinks.

Now, I'm a hot black coffee drinker. But the genius coffee connoisseurs of the world went ahead and started flavouring straight up black coffee. I know, I know... I am not lying and this topic is nothing I would fib about.

I take coffee and my drinking it very seriously. Where I work, there is this little brilliant coffee stand nicely placed in the corner just before the stairs to the GI clinic, called Jazzmans. It is there every morning, well M-F anyways, that I begin my day. And yes, they know me. I get a medium coffee, and I have my cute little Jazzmans card punched ( to get a free one of course!), and then deliberate with my choices. Is it a cinnamon delight sort of day ? This day would normally consist of a pretty much full clinic and possible stressors to arise. Or is it a creme brulee kinda day? This day would be pretty laid back, but could possibly consist of a large amount of phone calls and/or messages. Now, when I haven't gotten much sleep, or I'm a bit on edge, I go straight for the gold. Iced carmel latte, skim milk and sugar free syrup.

If you don't normally drink coffee but are always in a crappy mood and tired, just go on and try it. The world will be a better place with you "on" coffee. The glorious caffeine gods will open the gates to your new world of happiness and bliss. Take this recommendation from a coffee professional.

With that the only thing left to say then is, You are Welcome.

*Cafe Breve-espresso,milk foam, steamed half and half ( go ahead and add a flavor shot if you want)

Shout out to Kathy for helping me pick a topic!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Titles

The reason I started this blog is because I have always wanted to write a book.

I'm not sure that will happen in my life, and I have come to the conclusion that I'm okay with that.

This blog is a good enough outlet for all of the randomness that bounces off the walls of my brain daily.

Maybe one day I will put it all together.

Anyways, if I were to have written a book, these are some of the topics/titles I may have used.


Tight Pants:How to Make the Muffin Top Stay in

College Dorms: How to Cram 3 People in a Shoebox

Tequila Honestly Makes you Puke

The Art of Losing Weight: Don't Eat

College Doesn't Always Equal a Job

College : 4 Years..ya right.

Nursing School Waiting Lists: Aka, you didn't get in and won't

Student Loans: You have to pay them back

Tales of the Expo Line

Food Biz: Things you never wanted to know

Cigarettes and Social Hour

BILLS: Everything isn't free?

1 Billion Things to do Instead of Clean Your House

Stories of the Crazy Cat Lady

Revenge: What I would have done.

Diaries of a Pop Star Wannabe

How to Play Piano; Sorta.

The Truth from the Bottom of the Wine Bottle

Trix aren't Only for Kids

Youtube Karaoke for Beginners

I'm really not lying.

If you're fat and you know it; clap your hands!

1 Truth about Love: Unpredictable


I suppose if I put my blog together I would entitle it, This Random Life: My failure to Write a Book.

Look for it on the shelves of Barnes and Noble, November 2020.