Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oneida Culinaria Review

As the marketing statement clearly states from Oneida, I've now brought life to the table as well. We did in fact purchase a new table, when we purchased our first home just recently, but I'm talking about the accessories to go with our new table.

Oneida was gracious enough to let me try out some of their products which also led me to purchase some of their silverware as well...and lets just say, since I am the dishwasher, I thoroughly enjoy these products. I have also managed to drop, smack, and slam these products--with no worries!

I am most definitely an avid coffee drinker and I love these mugs that came along with my Culinaria 16 piece set in Cocoa. They are smooth and sleek, and although most likely in my mis-matched PJ's, at least my coffee cup is stylish!

The solid color pattern is great and it has long wearing durability. And very easy handling. One great thing about choosing a color like this is you can mix and match and that is one of the cool things about Culinaria's colors--its just for that reason!

I haven't quite decided if my 16 piece set will stay in the cupboard or be displayed in our built in buffet cabinets that are quite lonely at this time.
I love these dishes, and they are easy to wash as well. They are dishwasher and microwave safe!
Check out Oneida Culinaria today and see for yourself! And they are having a sale right now!! Even better!

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