Saturday, January 29, 2011

Children's Advil Contest

Hey Readers!

As the cold and flu season is upon us, Angie Harmon, has teamed up with the makers of Children's Advil to launch, " Relieve My Fever"--a contest that invites parents and their kids to sing the Children's Advil rendition of the classic song "Fever" for a chance to win $15,000!! The kid-friendly version of the song tells the story of mommy fighting her little one's fever and making her child feel better.

Also, for EVERY entry and vote at, Children's Advil will donate money to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

This time of year parents often need to treat their child's cold and flu symptoms, and many times those symptoms include fever. In fact, a recent survey of doctors showed that fever is the #1 reasons parents call their child's pediatricians office. The good news is that nothing reduces fever faster or keeps it down longer than Children's Advil. Children's Advil is offering parents a fun way to tap into families' creative energy and spend some quality time together while supporting a worthy children's cause!

To Enter:
Parents can visit to find easy-to-follow instructions, lyrics, music and a sample video that will help them create and submit their own little superstar's video performance!

As a part of the contest, the makers of Children's Advil will donate $5 for every entry submitted and $1 for every vote cast to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals!

These donations are used to provide charitable care, purchase life-saving equipment, and fund research and education programs that save and improve the lives of millions of kids each year!

How awesome to do something like this, even if its just voting for the video's already existing!

If you and your family post a video, share it with me on Facebook too, and I will also feature you on my blog as well as share with other bloggers!

Good Luck!

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