Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cafe World

2 days ago, embarrassingly, I was talked into starting Cafe World on facebook.

(I know, I'm a sucker for peer pressure.)

My lovely co-workers were the instigators in this new obsession I have acquired. Ironically, I have been teasing them about the game for weeks.

I now must confess, this may be comparable to my "obsession" for Bella and Edward.

(Don't worry Bella and Edward, I'm more obsessed with you then I will ever be with Cafe World, I'm just saying its comparable.)

Cafe World is alot more work than one would think. I mean you have to make sure that you have enough stoves to cook on, enough counters to serve, enough tables and chairs for your food to be consumed, and then of course making sure that your food doesn't spoil!

You can add neighbors and go visit their kitchens. (which get you coins because you get to try their food) You can create dishes that would more than likely be quite difficult to make in the real world. Currently I have 2 White Radish Cakes on my stove, they take 1 whole day to cook! ah jeepers, the stress of Cafe World.

I am also working on a wedding cake for someone, apparently it gets me cafe cash, so if you can help me bake it please do. ( yes, you can help eachother with these products. )

Oh this seems very silly, but just try it and you too may become addicted!

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