Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Call me MP

I should almost consider myself Mary Poppins. No I do not have a spoonful of sugar (although that sounds kinda good), I cannot snap my fingers and my house doesn't pick itself up nor can I slide down a banister without falling. I can however almost pull a lamp out of my purse/suitcase/large bag/bottomless pit.

Recently I switched purses, if you are like me, this is something of a task. I mean really, where did I get all of this stuff?!?! I'm like the crazy hoarder lady, my life story can be told through the contents of my black hole.

I have receipts from like a year ago, lip glosses, movie tickets, old gift certificates, loose change, mail, old gum, mints, batteries, tampons, sticky notes, grocery lists, pens, contacts, glasses and I did find a random key. (not quite sure what it opens?!?!) Of course there at times are much larger items. Sometimes bottles of water, pop, magazines, my camera, lotion- you need a place to put something while we are out and about, I'll find room.

I neatly retrieved each item, recalling the memory and placing it on my kitchen table. It was at this time that I flashed back to Mary Poppins pulling out the large lamp that lit up the corner of the room.

Am I really comparing an aspect of my life to one of a disney fictional character?

Yep sure am.

You should probably just start calling me MP.

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