Wednesday, September 29, 2010


23 days until the half marathon. I'm not sure if I am prepared.

I 'm not quite sure if it's the heavy breathing with an increase in pace, the feeling of death and relief when I finally see my house again, or the extremely soaked with sweat clothes I try to pull off my body, which by the way is an awfully hard task when your muscles feel like jello.

And the worst of it is my right knee is killing me. At some points in my run I'm almost afraid that my next step is going to be a face plant into the payment due to lack of my knee working. (This is why I run at 5am.) So if anyone from work is reading this, if I wouldn't show up to work without calling...I'm probably face planted into the payment, tears down my face, laughing, bawling, and not moving. --great image.

It must be this..See I turn 25 tomorrow. Really I was excited about one point. I mean my car insurance goes down and I'm growing up. I have a wonderful family, friends, and I have met the man I want to marry....a good job, and we are currently on the house hunt. However, this whole body aching, hard to breath thing isn't working out for me.... and what is with the awful hangover thing anyways??? 1 year ago I could drink 2 bottles of wine, beer, jello shots, and tequila and not feel a thing the next day! And the worst part is I have put all this effort into getting healthier and this is what 25 has to offer me!! I think not!

So I think I might just stay 24 until I'm ready.

And ready or not here I come 23 days.


  1. Lol awwwww! 25 is no fun :( But, HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day early! I think from this point on in our lives we should celebrate something else instead of our "birthdays". Like make up our own celebration, like "Happy Funday" or something, so we don't have to think about our age! haha. Well I have a bday gift for you, maybe that will cheer you up! ;)

  2. Your gonna rock it girl! Don't be afraid, It's more than I am doing in 23 days! Totally awesome! Were behind ya all the way!