Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jack & Jill

My creativeness has been lacking lately, I apologize. I may have been caught up in Cafe World on facebook or missing my boyfriend whom will be residing in Des Moines, Ia for the summer. And as I try to be humorous in my posts, today I have a most serious agenda.

Last Friday night, a few lovely ladies and I, a cat, a dog, and 2 cute little girls got together. One of these lovely ladies, we will call her *Jill in this story, recently has gotten divorced. You could call it a celebration maybe, or a night of women empowerment per say, but most importantly this lovely lady Jill, needed to tell her side of the story.

Jill is a beautiful young woman might I add, with a good education, and a good head on her shoulders. Well Jill met Jack. And if we are all lucky enough, we know the feeling to fall in love. When the path of life seems so clear and you know it is just "right" with that person. In my understanding Jill felt that way of Jack, and Jack proposed.

Now of course I'm writing of Jack and Jill, so I wasn't there first hand. This "story" is my recollection of the explanation Jill provided on Friday evening. (and might I add we had around 8 bottles of wine, so things were flowing freely and honestly)

So back to Jack and Jill's story. If you haven't caught on yet, this isn't about going up the hill to fetch a pail of water. If anything its about going to fetch a pail of water to hit Jack over the head with. (kidding, that was not a threat.....only a promise.. I mean I'm just kidding. ) Okay okay, so proposal, marriage, and honeymoon. All great things according to Jill. Possibly the fairytale ending she had dreamed about as a little girl. Then things went bad.

Bad, I'm not very sure is a strong enough adjective for how things went. Jack well, I could add a couple of letters on to the end of Jack and that would be speaking highly of this character. Now, in Jill's defense I don't believe I heard her call Jack any bad names. She only described the horrible way Jack treated her, sleeping downstairs for almost all of their marriage, sharing almost no meals together, not even looking her in the eye... And even all the attempts to get marriage counseling, to go to church, to work things out Jack still did nothing. One word: coward.

Jill was still very persistent on keeping her vows and making things work. But how do you make someone change when now, ultimately you knew they didn't want them to?

2 years later, after Jill had tried virtually everything, there was an ultimatum; Leave or do marriage counseling. Jack left the following week.

For Jill, I believe this was very bittersweet. A new beginning to be treated like she deserves, but a painful memory of how one human can be so awful to the other. A difficult lesson to learn, but a surprising result at how strong you can be in tough times. You go Jill!

So like I said, women empowerment or a celebration, but maybe reinforcement that Jill did all she could do and all of us women would of kicked Jack down the hill a long time ago!

* names changed to protect the innocent.....and the guilty.

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