Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get off the Road...

For justification purposes, I have never been in a "serious" accident. (yes, knock on wood.)However I have backed into my parents shed. (Turned the wheel to soon...I wasn't even 16 yet okay!)

Today I write because frankly I'm sick and tired of bad drivers. In particular, drivers whom;
A) Do not merge until the last minute on a road where this is no new surprise.
B) Do not get out into the intersection on a yielding green light.

These two annoying, ridiculous and just flat out stupidious reasons are completely unnecessary. I drive the same route to work almost every day and every day there is some idiot whom speeds up beside me to swerve in front of me before his lane ends, and then normally he is the same idiot that now is ahead of me waiting at the green light, not moving.

I mean inch out or something. At least give it some effort, maybe it will at least ease my frustrations a bit. Maybe I would think you, dumb stupid driving idiot, at least attempted to turn on this green light.

Instead, you wait. You sit there. Are you thinking? Did you drop something? Was there an important phone call? Did you just have a heart attack?


You are a pathetic loser who wasted my time, again. Not only did you put me back 1 minute when you got ahead of me up the hill, but now you have put me back 5 minutes waiting at a green light!?!?

Do you know how important the 6 minutes that you made me sit in my cute little blue car pulling my hair out and yelling swear words left and right is?

Very....I can punch in at 7:53. If I punch in at 7:53 I can leave at 4:23. This is 7 minutes before my normal time and just enough time to get home and start my evening.

But, because you apparently have all the time in the world I end up punching in at 7:59, and unable to punch out until 4:29...

If you need to retake your driving test, by all means do so. I'm sick of getting behind you every morning. Next time, you will be taking the grass on the way up the hill. It's on.

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  1. That was me driving ahead of you this morning, jerk!

    Just kidding. :)