Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oooh AHH, I've got a new BRA

Yes. It is true. I have a new bra..sports bra that is..

Lyoness Sportswear sent me a Rhythmbra.. No it doesn't boost you into dance moves or make music by its self. However, it has a handy dandy little pocket in the center for various things...

You can stick money in it...

a credit card..

an Ipod..(not the old one but the newer skinnier one..)


chafe stick...(yes, this works great..)


house key..

The neat little pocket provides you with a hands free workout ...and great support I may add! It is also stylish if you are a only sport bra runner..(not me, not yet..) You have to try this out if you are having a not so hands free workout..It is nice to get rid of those things I was always carrying in my hands...And it doesn't get too sweaty!!
Thanks for the hands free workout Lyoness!!!
And readers...what would you put in your handy dandy pocket?!?!