Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trashy Running Shirt...Yes Please!

My very first review!

After a two week break from running, flat out laziness, and eating pretty much anything and everything, yesterday I'm back on my running game!! And what better way then to try out my new recycled running shirt from Atayne.com!

What is Atayne? Atayne is an online outdoor and athletic clothing company with a point of view! They don't just make the outdoor clothing, performance apparel, or workout clothes; they make it from trash! (or some may say, recycled materials...) Not only is it recycled clothing, they make it with a voice, with hopes people will promote values not a make of a billion dollar brand! These items aren't only for running, but biking, hiking, paddling, and yoga too!

I chose the Womens Running Grind T, size Medium, color Apline Lake, and my point of view was Run Hard, Tread Lightly. Other point of views where things like, Recyled Runner, Bio-Fueled Runnner, or Run with Nature!

I love this top! In my sweat dripping, heavy breathing, running madness, it kept me cool and I was focused on my run rather than being HOT! It didn't show much sweat either! (Which is nice when running next to someone casually walking on a treadmill thinking you are crazy!)

Product Description from Atayne.com

If you lead with your values, this is the performance running top for you. Made from 100% recycled polyester (from post consumer plastic bottles) and treated with naturally derived Chitosan, the Grind T is high on performance and low on negative environmental and social impact. Plus our running point of view graphics allow you to promote your values, and not just the mark of a billion dollar brand.

So if you are looking for something new when it comes to performance wear, why not save our environment while doing so! Check out Atayne today!


  1. Cute shirt, and I love that you can choose your own point of view to go on it! Also the "trashy" shirt concept is awesome!

  2. I really like your blog so I decided to give you the "One Lovely Blog Award!" :) Please stop by my page to pick it up (right click to save the award image from my post) and then it is your turn to pass it on to some blogs that you love!