Friday, September 24, 2010

Watch Out Ladies...

Everyone needs inspiration...I know I do. Daily I struggle with weight. I want pizza and pasta, give me all the carbs I can take! But....I want to be healthy..So I don't get all the carbs I want...all the time....I run...and I do my best to take care of myself.


Today I bring an inspiring story from my best friend, Zach. And I am so so proud of him!!

Let the inspiration begin......

What was your breaking point, the one where you decided to change?
I can’t really say that I had a “breaking point” per se. A couple people from work approached me to join a team for a promotion we do here at the paper (Waseca County News) called “The Big Waseca Weigh-In.”

I was actually kind of hesitant in joining just because everything time I’ve tried to lose weight in the past it’s failed and just been frustrating. But I joined thinking that I’d just play along more or less and maybe try to drop a few pounds.

Well, it started going well right away so I decided to just keep going. That was in January and I’m still losing!

What is the biggest difference? Clothes, people, etc?
Well clothes obviously. I guess if there’s a downside to losing a lot of weight it’s having to buy new pants every couple months but I guess that’s probably a good thing.
I don’t think people really have changed much. I get a lot of compliments and stuff, which, in a weird way, I’m a little uncomfortable with just because I’m not used to getting positive attention about my appearance. But, again, it’s a good thing.

Any inspiration?
Not really anything too out of the ordinary. Just want to look better and feel better about myself.

What keeps you motivated?
There are a couple things that keep me motivated. The first is probably just my progress to this point. I’m well over halfway to where I want to be so I can’t help but think, ‘I’ve gone this far, no sense turning back now.’
Another thing would probably be the fact that I’m NOT telling anyone how much I’ve lost to this point. I realize this might sound like a weird motivation tactic but, obviously I’m excited about my progress and WANT to tell people, but if I tell myself that I can’t tell anyone until I’m done it just sort of gives me a little extra oomph. I have told just one person just so I have someone to keep me in check if I fall off course.

What changes have you made?
Again, nothing too out of the ordinary. I take longer walks with my dog, Homer. I workout beside that once in a while but not too terribly often. I have changed my eating habits quite a bit, though. I RARELY snack and when I do it’s usually vegetables rather than chips or something like that. Other than that, I just try to eat smaller meals and make healthier choices. But, another thing that’s helped me keep going is not being a total food Nazi about it.
Once in a while, if I want pizza or buffalo wings, I eat pizza or buffalo wings. I just do it much more in moderation. I think if I had tried to completely cut-out things like I would have cracked long ago and put myself in a greasy food coma.

What is your favorite new habit, if you have one?
Eating breakfast. I was never much of a breakfast guy but now I try to eat a little bit every morning just to jumpstart the old metabolism a little bit.

Favorite new food?
Can’t say I have a favorite really. I have kind of become a creature of habit in terms of eating most days. I always eat two large eggs for breakfast and usually a turkey sandwich or turkey salad with for lunch. Supper is really the only meal I really deviate much on. I will say though, Subway has definitely benefited from all this.

Favorite new activity?

It’s not really a new activity but more of a modified one. When I walked Homer in the past, I used to usually just go a little ways and do it sometime in the afternoon. Now I usually try to take him for at least a couple miles and go at night. It helps me clear my head right before I go to bed and usually the temperature is much more comfortable. better watch out!! Way to go ZACH!!!!

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  1. WOW!!! That is awesome, amazing progress! I love the whole "food Nazi" thing and how if you limit yourself too much you'll put yourself into a "greasy food coma"! Lol. He looks great - way to go Zach!