Friday, May 7, 2010

Duck Tape

I have no filter. I would describe a filter as the connection from mouth to brain. Apparently mine is broken and has been for most of my life. Now on a positive note, I'm honest. Maybe brutally honest, and for the most part you can count on the fact I'm going to say what I think.

Apparently people don't like this. I answer questions when not directly spoken to, I interrupt, and I say how I feel.

Now I'm aware of my lack of this thing I call a filter. I have attempted many many times to reconnect the "connection" between mouth and brain, and I have been completely unsuccessful.

This week has been awful, and my lack of a filter apparently has had its effect. Or that is my conclusion anyways. Because I do my job, and I'm a good nurse. I'm a good friend. I'm strong. And I'm thoughtful. My non filter must be taking its toll.

So, sadly I feel this must result in the exact opposite. No talking out of turn, no opinions (mine do not matter anyways), and no saying how I feel.

I must then, purchase duck tape.

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