Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lesson Learned

As I had mentioned in one of my posts, one of my first ones actually, I struggle with weight. Now at first I thought it had alot to do with genetics, until last night when I did something horrible.

Not only did I not go to my weight watchers meeting, but I ordered chinese food. Only my favorites of course, vegetable fried rice, vegetable lo-mein, and general tso's chicken. (oh ya that is all...)

As I waited patiently for my feast to arrive, feeling somewhat guilty for ordering Chinese food altogether, the door bell finally rang.

I spread out all my goodies on my table and filled my plate so you couldn't even tell there was a plate. I literally shoveled the food into my mouth, I'm not quite sure if I even took a breath at this time. (an awful and very unattractive picture I'm sure.) About only 1/4 into my plate I was ready to puke. As I looked at all the food that took up almost all of my table, it looked as if I didn't even take anything from the cute little take out boxes.

Now, not only was I feeling like a huge bloated whale, it was then I spotted the fortune cookies. They sent 6 fortune cookies. They thought 6 people were going to indulge in this yummy Chinese food. It was at this moment I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I ordered enough Chinese food for 6 people. Wow. ( there isn't really much else to say about that.)

Another big slap on the face was that I wasn't even "satisfied." (in weight watchers talk that means, full not stuffed) I was sick, I felt as if I was carrying around a bowling ball of Chinese food in my stomach.

This bad idea, or lessen learned I guess, resulted in my never ordering Chinese food again.

*At least my fortune cookie (the one I picked out of 6), said, " A pleasant surprise is in store for you soon in the coming week."


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  1. I always have that problem :( You know what lesson I learned today? Facebook privacy is where its at! Some people are driving me crazy so I blocked them from my status updates! (U know who I'm talking about!) Why didn't I think of that before?