Friday, May 14, 2010

It's hard to say no to bottle #3

No people, I'm not talking about lubricant....I'm talking about wine. House cab or Malbec per say. Don't worry though, I wasn't alone in my wine endeavor the other night. I didn't drink almost 3 bottles by myself.

You would think the evening would have started with dinner and such.....but it started with dress shopping. Now if any of you know me and have dress shopped with me you can sympathize with Emily. It has gotten better after somewhat of a weight loss but still isn't a glamorous event. There is shoe tossing, pants dropping, bra unhooking craziness. Will these boobs fit into this dress or not, do I look like I need a wide load sign on my ass?!?! Store after store you search for the perfect fitting, slimming, make you look like a "hot mess" dress. Due to the length of time of this endeavour, we stroll into target, buy off the rack and hope for the best.

The original mission of the evening wasn't dress shopping. That was just an unfortunate errand I had to run..but did find a dress! Anyways, back to the original mission...We were celebrating Emily's last night in town and newly earned Master's Degree! Now if you know Emily and I together, you'd know our evening somewhat..okay mostly..okay always..consist of wine.

Recently we discovered a little secret called, The Wine Cafe, where we actually wrote this blog, with a glass of Malbec in hand and the remainder of the bottle on the cute little suitcase table. Oh and as well as a fabulous cheese tray with ciabatta bread, grapes and cucumbers.

In the background open mic night is getting started and I start thinking that if I hone my guitar skills this summer maybe I could strum a few notes here this fall...

This happy occasion of course had to come to an end, my lovely friend Emily has to make the trek back to North Dakota, where 6 years ago we met. Bittersweet I guess, she has the whole world infront of her now, and I am quite curious as to where she will end up...and can't wait to visit!

**shout out to Em for helping me write this, as well as transcribing, slightly intoxicated, on our little couch at the Wine Cafe. ***

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