Friday, March 12, 2010

Bumper Stickers

Oh glorious Bumper Stickers..No i'm not talking about your old run of the mill bumper stickers faded on the back of the old buick or station wagon, I'm talking about the facebook application Bumper Stickers.

Yes, my life has come to this.. . I love browsing through them reading each one very carefully..Having a bad day? Why not read through the bumper stickers, they are always good for a giggle..Need to express yourself to that special someone but you don't know how to put the words together? Just so happens facebook bumper stickers are there for you...Some may even call it virtual Hallmark. Anything you need to express, good'll find it..

It is set up nicely for some computer illiterate people out there, such as myself at times. I didn't even know how to add a blog to my favorites list..Wow!
Anyways back to the set up, there is a nice search box for you to put in ONLY a single word ( yes it does say single)apparently it may be overloaded with more than one word...Also there is a category drop down box with suggestions such as gansta, pick up lines, cute animals, geekdom, and witicisms. The normal stuff you know...gansta? curiosity got the best of me and yes yes I checked it out..There were a few stickers with guns, and 50 cent,and one that said asian hillbillies ( someone please explain that one to me, is it a new gang? not of the west or east side or something?!?!) I was also curious about the pick-up lines, and could use a good laugh right about now, I mean its friday and the last place i want to be is work, right!?!?! So I dragged my mouse and clicked pick-up lines...ah jeez..this is what I with a shirt (kinda with the mountain dew symbol) only saying mountain do, another with a man and a women standing facing eachother, the man saying, this necklace will look good with the hickey i'm going to give you..(please guys..never ever use this one, I'd rather you where the mountain do me shirt!)

Here are some of my faves:

With that...Take some time out of your day to use bumper sticker..:) Happy Friday!

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  1. andi i love this!!! i also look to bumper stickers when life fact the day we decided we were moving to hibbing, i jumped onto bumper stickers and found some that made me realize, my life really doesnt such that much! haha love you!!