Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day & Groundhog Day

Happy St. Patricks Day All!

March 17th every year we celebrate this green filled day named after Saint Patrick himself. Out of curiosity I googled (of course)St. Patricks day and was quite astonished to what I found.

Did you know that St. Patricks Day began as a purely Catholic holiday and became an official feast day in the early 1600's? I didn't. Catholic holiday? Of getting hammered..if that truly is the case I may have to rethink being Lutheran...Anyways, as you know it has become more of a secular holiday celebrating the Irish Tradition. It was created to serve as a one-day break during Lent, the forty day period of fasting. Nowadays, right about now bars are getting out their green food coloring and carefully dropping it into kegs and kegs of beer, guys are buying all sorts of green beads in hope of "getting lucky" and viewing some parts of a woman's anatomy, and children are getting served green milk and hearing stories of leprechauns. Oh good ol' St. Patricks Day....
Let us talk green beer for a moment...They say you cannot taste the food coloring and as far as sugar cookie frosting goes I would totally agree, but when it comes to consuming beer,something I crave on weekends and normally has only a amber yellow tint to it, it does taste different to me. Maybe I will plan on drinking bottle beers tonight until my taste buds aren't particularly caring anymore of what type of alcohol I consume or what color it is. Hmm...we shall see.

Have a safe and Happy St. Patricks day!

So lets talk about Groundhog Day..I know, I know it was in February but...A friend and I were having a beer outside last night(apparently I don't only crave beer on weekends..) and we were commenting on how nice it was even though a bit damp and breezy. I asked, "Has it already been 6 weeks since the groundhog saw his shadow?" And seeing groundhogs day was on Feb 2, sure enough! We started talking more about how right that prediction was and how who came up with such a thing as a groundhog seeing his shadow or not and how that makes a prediction such as the, I got this wild and crazy idea.
I just so happen to have 2 cats....I decided that these 2 cats (seeing their shadow or not) will predict for me somethings that are uncertain in my life..such as:
If my cats don't see their shadow I will...

finish my RN in 1 year
get married and have kids before I'm 30
be skinny
never want to have a cigarette again
own a house
pay off my student loans before I'm 50
go to Europe
win the powerball

I suppose if they see their shadows, none of these things will happen..(stupid cats they will probably chase their shadows)

Of course I could go on with things I'd love to predict and unfortunately my cats may not have the same power as the beloved groundhog..(hopefully no one involved in PITA is reading this or they may think that is some sort of abuse on my cats)..I guess I'll just have to go to a fortune teller or something...I'm sure she or he will be able to predict my future!

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