Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Ahead

To Whom it May Concern Mr. Whythehellwouldyouhavetogomessupmysleepingscheduleman:

I have a bone to pick with you. I do not care to add another hour of sunlight to my life at this time. Yes, it is agreed that in the summer, IN THE SUMMER, it is nice to have an extra hour of sunlight but it really doesn't matter because its the summer and I can do anything I want outside when its getting dark, its called a light, a flashlight, or a fire. .

Now Mr. Whythehellwouldyouhavetogomessupmysleepingscheduleman, I cannot fall asleep at the usual time I should nor can I get out of my bed at 6:30 in the morning when it is pitch black in my bedroom. I have now turned from normal person to a sleeping zombie by day walking around with my eyes half shut (dangerous I know), to the fricken energizer bunny at night.

So when it comes time to fall back Mr. Whythehellwouldyouhavetogomessupmysleepingscheduleman you can just stop. Just stop changing the time AGAIN..I can't keep up with you. All 24 years of my life are way to old to keep changing things around like this. And how nice of you really to come up with clever little sayings such as "fall back" and "spring ahead", don't lie to us Mr. Whythehellwouldyouhavetogomessupmysleepingscheduleman, you should have said, "fall back into the hell of winter it will get darker outside and you will become depressed" and "spring ahead into muddy rainy brown snow that still isn't quite nice enough for you to sun bathe in and enjoy and I shall just taunt you."

So quit messing up my life Mr. Whythehellwouldyouhavetogomessupmysleepingscheduleman, I don't mess around with yours.


Sleeping Zombie/Energizer Bunny....I don't know what the heck time it is..

ps. I managed to stay away from green beer last night.

pps. I wasn't writing that to you Mr. Whythehellwouldyouhavetogomessupmysleepingscheduleman...stay out of my business.

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  1. LOL You are too funny! I completely agree, whoever came up with the time change thing is stupid. I had a terrible week and I blame it all on Mr.Whythehell...etc.!
    - Emma