Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My apologies

I lied. I'm sorry. I did not go to get New Moon on Friday. I did not stand in line with all the crazy teenage girls at Walmart. And even worse, I did not get to stop at anything to take one of these teenage girls out..

I am quite ashamed of myself in all honesty. How can someone such as myself, someone so taken by Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Series, (frankly obsessed) not go get the second movie at midnight last Friday.

I have no excuses. I wish I could say I won the lottery and instead of buying the movie I just bought a movie theater to watch New Moon in. I cannot say I was in Vegas getting married at a tacky chapel with baby blue tuxes and long sleeve wedding dresses. I cannot even say I was spending a romantic evening with my boyfriend..because if that were the case he better have taken me to Walmart..(oh I know, I'm a sucker for romance..Walmart. Friday night.how perfect.) I also cannot say it was a party animal life of the party drunken escapades kind of night.

Like I said. No excuses. I'm sorry Edward and Bella. I will never fail you again. I will be at the midnight showing of Eclipse on June 30th, I will be dressed head to toe in my twilight gear, I will stand in line as long as it takes, and again teenage girls, I will stop at nothing..

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