Monday, March 29, 2010


Frankly, there isn't much to explain about the nonsense of the weekend. There are no excuses for the idiocy, hilariousness, and constant giggles or the soreness of our tired raking arms. The weekend was spent in great company with great people..

For some this may not be funny, but for others it may give you a tear in your eye or a dribble in your panties...

So much for, "What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin..."

And this is how the weekend went...

(if there is an error please correct....or something i missed...somethings were written down in extreme laughter and/or intoxication..and I have bad handwriting..)

1. On eating chips..Justin: I like brown chips..
2. Again on eating chips..Kari: I like the curly ones..(apparently easier for dipping)
3. On the topic of the mysterious black panties...Kari: They aren't mine, I don't wear panties with buttcheeks.
4. New Word thanks to Kristie: Wickle..(wickedly good pickle)
5. On melting butter in the microwave..and it overflowing..and then Judy says, "Just a little butter on the burner."
6. Justin: Did you say Miley Rae Cyrus?
7. While playing charades, Judy is going around the room acting as if she is giving a bear hug to everyone...the word was huddle..
8. On a new charade strategy Joe says, " I think we should try to just guess words that we can guess."
9. When trying to guess "Joe Biden" Joe says, "Joe God." Then when Marc does guess Joe Biden and states he is the VP, someone says, Vice President of what?"
10. Charade: 2 mules for sister Sarah..enough said.
11. Charade: Hulk Hogan..Kristie does muscle man. Kari guesses in about 2 seconds.
12. Charade: Davy Crockett...acting : Crocodile and points to Jamie, Justin, and Judy.. because they are brothers and Judy's brothers name is Davy.
13. Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer...too bad he never crys.
14. Marc: If we drink this place out of beer, I'm going to need a liver transplant..(didn't we go to the liquior store Saturday?)
15. Saturday Morning: Marc says, Kari didn't even sleep in here.(the bedroom in the basement)We go upstairs. Kari is on couch with blanket over head..Kari: I tried sleeping until like 4:30 and I came up here....Why? we asked...because that pump thing goes, " Raeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnggggggg."
16. Driving in the car to Green Mill, I said doesn't it feel like sometimes when you are out of town you are actually in a different state..some agreed..Then I said, "For real, its like I'm not even in Kansas anymore."
17. Kari comes out of the bathroom at Walmart," I love it when the mirrors make you look 3 feet tall and fat as hell."
18. While in the children's bike isle at Walmart...Kari may or may not have been riding around a children's bike...overhead speaker says, "Associate to Sporting Goods.."
19. Everyone was taught the meaning of woof, reggie and rita...
20. While playing guesstures..Jenna goes to Leon and asks who this person (on the card) was...Leon looks confused...laughter began..The card said gather...Jenna thought it was
21. Leon: cheater cheater, pants on fire.
22. On trying to catch up to the girls score someone tells Joe he needs 14 points so pick the card with a 4. Joe looks at the card and says,"There is only a 1 or 3.."
23. After not guessing one of the cards Joe says while running to act out a different clue, "Tape measure you dumb shits."
24. Pictionary..word: conveyor..Justin draws a bunch of birds...Kristie, Jamie and I didn't get it..When asked what he was drawing...Justin: "Convey of quail."
25. On the topic of a clean sheet of paper to write down all of this nonsense, Marc picks up a piece a paper from the ground that was underneath the wheel of his chair...he says to me, " There is a fresh piece of paper there (putting it on the table) I just ran it over with my car."
26. Charade: fodie: Kristie says, "Isn't that the other animal in Garfield?"
27. On spelling lettuce for charades, Justin wrote, "lettus."
28. After me saying, Jamie woof. Ian says, "He doesn't look like Buzz's girlfriend."

Now obviously I couldn't write EVERYTHING down. And somethings may or may not have been appropriate for public domain but this weekend was something of another kind....

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