Monday, March 8, 2010


(hand wipes sweat off forehead) ..first post. check.

It's Monday. Yep Monday. And yes I know if my work week started on Tuesday I would be like yep Tuesday, but Monday just has that sort of alarm clock slap in the face ring to it. The awful alarm clock, such as in my case my cell phone's crappy choices of songs alarm clock...It is called "Welcome Back", I mean really is that supposed to be a sick joke? The worst is when you are shopping or out to eat and someones phone rings and sure enough...what ringtone is it? ......WELCOME BACK. That is the point where I would like to bitch slap the person who has their phone on loud anyways. It's called vibrate people..put it in your can tell when someone is calling....(my blood pressure just increased by 20mmHg systolic/diastolic) - that means if it was 120/80 it just went up to 140/100..

Enough Monday talk..I trully am a morning person, especially lately when the sun is shining and that special person is snoring next to me. Oh and don't forget coffee..IV drip anyone? I will invent it worries..

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