Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear America

Dear America:

Hello. I'm writing to inform you I'm quite sick of pressing #1 for English. If I'm not mistaken English is the language of the American people. I know you may be as confused as I when discussing who are American people; people that have lived here all their lives or anyone that lives here at anytime?

This is where I'm confused America. I do not believe myself to be a racist person, nor do I mind hearing 5 different languages at Wal-mart. I wish I would be fluent in more than English..and I do not always assume that I'm being talked about just because I do not know the language that is being spoken...And regardless if I were being talked about I wouldn't really care what was being said...

The point is America, I make many many phone calls to insurance companies, pharmacies, and other clinics and hospitals and every stinking time there is a prompt in Spanish and a prompt in English that tells me to press #1 for English. ..Really?!?! You know how much time of my life is being wasted having to listen to these prompts? Alot.. Over my life span probably at least a week..that is 10,080 minutes of my valuable life!

I won't even start on the subject of never being able to talk to a human being or being transferred to 12 different people having to use the same identifiers 36 times... and/or if I'm going to be lucky enough to be able to understand the other person on the line...Can we have a prompt such as this: Press #1 for a clearly speaking English human being that will not transfer you and take care of your problem?

Ugh. How frustrating. I'm all about a "better life" but listen here...A better life means learning the language that is spoken by the country you are living in. It doesn't mean we have to put signs up in 10 different languages just in hopes that you can find the registration desk.

I'm not trying to be harsh. I'm not being racist. I'm being for real. Can there be a test before entering the United States? A language test? Maybe I'm naive and there already is one and the test correctors are just very horrible...And no I'm not going to google it because I will be saddened to find out there is a test and no one, America, really cares what the results are..

In conclusion, I want those 10,080 minutes of my life.. Stop taking them away.


#1 for English, thanks.

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